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Minnis is a trading post in the southeast of the Heath of Geran.


The name presumably derives from Archaic Aribelian Minnith ‘rocky, mountainous’, referring to the town's position near the Black Mountains.


Minnis is one of the five ancient Ring Cities of Geran, beside Daernis, Nís, Aeros, and Yamenna. Founded by either the Geranians or the Aribelians in the Mid-Bronze Age, it was a major cult site of the early Aribelian culture, witnessed by a large complex of temples and stone circles in the nearby Forest of Minnis and capital of the Kingdom of Aeros from 1223 B.E.B. until the Sacking of Minnis during the Third War of the Steppes in 1171. Almost falling into oblivion under Yamenaen rule, it regained its importance after the Wertian conquest, becoming and important waystation along the road to Yamenna and Dermon.