Black Mountains

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Styrian mountain landscape at the Grüner See
The densely forested hillsides of Styria, basis, amongst many other places, for the dark slopes of the Black Mountains and the blue Ilathw tracing the valleys

The Black Mountains (Olgish Minnarach, Wertian Nadd Vindys) are three mountain chains in the southwest of the Reknaya, stretching from the southern end of Lake Dermon south to the Mountains of Lágon, from the Forest of Minnis to the Blue Ravine, and from the Blue Ravine into the Fields of the Ilathw, respectively. Named either for their location west of the Black Road, their dark forested hillsides, or their rich deposits of coal, they are only sparsely populated, mostly by Geranian, Kattasi, and Olgish cattle farmers and miners, and considered one of the frontier regions of Lécaronian expansion. Both the river Ilathw and the river Dôkob rise from their mountains.