Lécaronian Empire

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The Lécaronian Empire, short Lécaron is a major multi-ethnic state based in Belkondíl but at the height of its power covering all of Elondor except for northern Aribel, Celsond, and the eastern Reknaya.

It is founded in 1312 E.B., or 0 L.R., when the Belkondilian king Beldárin Fadhérún offers his protection to all independent kingdoms ruled or inhabited by Olgs or following the Olgish faith and is crowned emperor of all Olgs in the Great Temple of Soskilón. The Empire steadily grows over the following 600 years, counting 14 provinces at the height of its power in 613 L.R. Its downfall follows soon after, with provinces beginning to secede in the mid-7th century, thus in the devastating Geranian and Seligonian Wars.

While traditionally governed by an Olgish minority, the Empire is from its beginning a multi-ethnic state, counting Olgs, Sosks, Iiles, Armundians, Dasmilians, Iliatarians, Kattasi, Kalparians, and Aribelians, amongst others, to its population. Official language of administration is initially Olgish, but as different varieties of Soskish are preferred by the populace, in 540 L.R., Emperor Esôrin the Wise officially declares Lécaronian Soskish the main language of his Empire.