Kingdom of Yamenna

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The Kingdom of Yamenna (Yam. Men Ghamra, Olg. Avan Jamennin, Wrt. Aef Amyn) was a major Kattasian-ruled dominion in mid-Bronze Age Geran and, in Olgish legend, the traditional archenemy of Olgish heroes.


Founded in c. 1170 B.E.B. after the fall of the Aribelian-dominated Kingdom of Aeros, it established itself as the prime power in the Geranian Heath, initiating the Aribelian colonization of the Oshale, the Kattasian mission to the Kalparians and Hayans, and building peaceful relations with the Wertian Olgs of southern Geran. At the hight of its power, around 840 B.E.B., it encompasses all of the Hajalad except for Antarea and Ialta at its northernmost tip, the Ilathw Arnym, and the Geranian Heath, and extending further north into Aribel and east to include the western part of the Mountains of Dermon and the northern half of the Black Mountains. A major power during this time, its decline followed soon after, with the secession of the Oshale and the increasing unrest of the Wertians under its sway, before the final fall of the Kingdom against invading Wertian war parties in 422 B.E.B.