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The Seligonian Trident is a strait in eastern Seligon, between the capes of Rísia, Avalia, and Delgor, the eponymous trident, and the Horn of Nokim.


A coastal landscape at Praia da Rocha, Portugal
Rocky, sparsely vegetated coastlines, such as in the south of Portugal, characterize the southeast of Seligon.

The Trident lies at the southeasternmost point of the Elondorian mainland between Cape Dejo and Dóiteán at the boundary between the seas of Timesthe and Avalia. It forms a part of the Sandôrian Highlands and marks the most prominent spurs in its eastern third. Mostly of granite and andesite, the coastline is composed almost entirely of cliffs. Rainfall in the area is scant and vegetation sparse, except in a small number of bays and caverns with minor freshwater streams or lagoons. It is known for its treacherous undeeps and harsh storms, which together with the Undeeps of Dóiteán make the passage between the continents hazardous one for sea voyages, and travellers trying to and from Nelkon often prefer overland routes.

The capes are considered a part of East Seligon and, like most of the region, is mostly devoid of human settlements. The closest major port is Sandôr, eight Olgish Leagues west of Cape Rísia. On the Nokimi side, coastlines are gentler, and while still rocky the landscape allows for small forests and groves. The distance from the tip of the Horn of Nokim to Cape Avalia measure only about 7.5 Olgish Leagues, the closest the two continents come over their shared coastline of over 70 Olgish Leagues. The closest major settlement in Nokim, the Nokimi harbour city of Thyssa, is located roughly 8.5 Olgish Leagues south of Cape Avalia.


No evidence remains that the Trident was known to the ancient seafarers of the Nokimi Empire, but in light of the fact that their travels to the Seligonian coast are generally presumed to have taken them along the Horn of Nokim north and west to the Bay of Sandôr, it is likely they knew of the area and passed it often, potentially even to enter Avalia to the east. The Armundians knew of a place they called Cevitti, ostensibly a term borrowed from the 'Iru Ni'i who themselves are likely to have learnt it from the Nokimi. Cevitti was said to lie to the east, where the earth broke open and gave way to the untamed open sea.

Later, the capes were known as the hazardous threshold to the east and the utmost boundary of the Iilish Empire's conquests. Both Olgish and Aribelian ships will still avoid a voyage past it. Iilish ships are known to traverse the passage but dread it; only Kalparian and Feldic ships readily circumnavigate the eastern coast of Seligon to reach Nelkon and the Arachans.