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The Timesthe (a name from Nokimi), or the Sundermere, is the sea to the south of Elondor.


It is located between the oceans of Avalia and Runion in the respective east and west of the continent and mostly contained within the continent of Nokim, where it forms a giant gulf. Its eastern boundary is in Seligon, where the Horn of Nokim approaches the Sandôrian coast, connecting Timesthe and Avalia; its western bound is less clearly defined but generally assumed south of Noldorin and the western part of the White Sea, where the utmost tip of Belkondíl comes within a few Olgish leagues to the northern Sundershore. Southward, it reaches deep into Nokim, almost passing the equator, where the legendary Nokimi harbour city of Phyros Melion is said to be located.


It is through this enormous size that, despite an inland sea, the Timesthe is home to two major surface ocean currents, the larger, clockwise-oriented Nokimi Current in the heart of the Timesthian basin in Nokim, and the smaller, anti-clockwise drifting Timesthian Current emerging from its northern rim and sweeping the southern shores of Elondor. It is due to the latter that the warm southern waters are carried off into the other temperate and boreal Elondorian climate, causing the near-subtropical climate of Seligon and the eastern Iilimurh, while even the milder eastern part of Belkondíl, despite on the same longitude, only receives the cooled-off remains of the once-tepid charge, and is closer in climate to its merciless western side. It it this same current that produces the hectic movement of water around the Gulf of Seligon, the Island of Jallan, and the Har-el-Eret that makes these waters notoriously difficult to cross and direct sea journeys from Seligon to Belkondíl near-impossible.