The Sea of Avalia is the sea to the east and northeast of Elondor and Nokim. Known for its changeable weather condition, its harsh storms, and its long calms, it is also called the Dancing Sea, or simply the Estermere.


Avalia covers all of the Elondorian east coast, reaching from the Erendál south past the coast of Nelkon, the Bight of Eskar and the Arachans to the undeeps of East Seligon and the Seligonian Trident, which marks its boundary into the Timesthe. It engulfs most of the eastern part of Nokim and is said to stretch further off land than any other sea to shore into Elondor.

Due to its location off the inaccessible or sparsely populated regions of the Erendál and East Seligon and the dangerous passage through the undeeps leading past the Seligonian Trident and Dóiteán, most of its sea travel along Elondorian shores is restricted to short voyages along the Volsic Marsh, Nelkon, and the Feldic kingdoms. Its most important harbour cities are Timburgh and Jonsport in Nelkon and Tuktaš of the Kayami in Celsond.