Oshal Falls

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The Oshal Falls are a major system of waterfalls formed by the River Kalpa exiting the Mountains of Mōrya and entering the Geranian Heath.


The name of the falls harkens back to the term denoting ‘north’ in the Old Kattasian language, Oṣṣale, either in a (lost) Kattasian name referring to the feature as the ‘northern falls’ or later applied in a designation ‘falls of the Oshale’, after the region of the same name.


The falls occur at the confluence of the Kalpa, hailing from the Mountains of Dôr, with the Yula River from Uri Téris. Entering the Geranian Heath, the conjoining rivers cross the Oshalic Stairs, a series of cliffs and bluffs on the edge of the Mountains of Mōrya produced in the Celdic Thrust Zone. Over a stretch of 28 leaps (c. 170m), a varying number of separating and rejoining streams overcome a height difference of a total of 34 leaps (c. 200m), the greatest single drop measuring 18 leaps (c. 100m) on its own. By the time the streams have reached the bottom of the cliff, they have conjoined into one coherent body of water, the Kalpa River.