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The Olgish languages (olg. Olgenam) are one of the three major branches of the Ortûlékian language family, spoken by the various groups self-identifying as Olgs in Belkondíl, Geran, the Northwestern Colonies, and the Reknaya, and the Northern Feldin of Nelkon.

The eponymous and central language of this branch was called Eastern Olgish, Cëlacian Olgish, or simply Olgish, and spoken from the 14th century B.E.B. in central Belkondíl. It was the main language of the Olgs for most of classical Olgish history, culminating in the collection and canonization of the Lonsorigi in a Late Old Olgish idiom in the 6th century E.B. Subsequently, Middle Olgish became the main administrative language of the Lécaronian Empire and the Olgish churches; it was never spoken my the majority population outside of Belkondíl, however, who either clung to their native languages or had adopted a variety of Soskish during earlier contact, and in 540 L.R., Emperor Esôrin the Wise officially declared Lécaronian Soskish the main language of his Empire, leading to oblivion and eventual extinction of Cëlacian Olgish. The variety of Middle Olgish used in St. Fádin's translation of the Lonsorigi, often called Liturgical Middle Olgish, has remained in common use in the Olgish churches both in Belkondíl and in Seligon.

The four other major sub-branches of Olgish, all of which survive to some degree into the Late Imperial Era, are