The Sea of Runion (Olg. 'the grand blue') is the sea to the west and northwest of Elondor and north of the western parts of Nokim. It is known for its rough and cold waters and its violent storms caused by the westerlies, which, especially in contrast with the warm and more easily navigable Timesthe, are manifested in its epithet, the Wrathful Sea. Relating to its western location, it is also called the Westermere.

Harsh coastal landscape in western Ireland
The harsh Atlantic west coasts, such as in western Ireland, inspiration for the relentless climate along Elondor’s Runian shore


The Runian shores of Elondor stretch along the west of Belkondíl, the Hajalad, the coast of Arsapárin, and the Bight of Aribel, and include the Kalparian Sea. Shared among all these coasts is a predominance of cliffs and otherwise inaccessible shores, leading to the relatively small number of larger harbour cities on the Runion, the majority of which are located in the Noridian Bight and the Kalparian Sea. The most important ports are Dejnab in Belkondíl, Bernab and Antarea in the Hajalad, Ealtu and Ianna in the Kalparian domain, and Ennad, Pelúri, and Unrír in Aribel. Two major archipelagos bend along the Runian coast, the Mairn and the Norides, while its largest island is the solitary Nerrok off the northern coast of Aribel.