The River Ilathw (Wertian, Olgish Ilgasob, both meaning 'River of Life') is a major river of western Elondor and traditionally considered the northwestern boundary of Belkondíl, separating it from Geran.


Rising from the Black Mountains northwest of Nassar Niom, it exits the Reknaya through the Blue Ravine, crossing the Ilathw Arnym (Fields of the Ilgasob) on the southern boundary of the Heath of Geran and converging with the River Dôkob near Cas Gennwr before breaching the southern tip of the Ílgarian Forest. Separating the county of Tarébras and the Geranian Hajalad, it forms a long and narrow estuary at Belkison, flowing into the Runion.

Cultural Significance

Early on connected with the Olgish goddess of life, Ílgar, and long seen as a holy site, the river has played a major role in the history of western Elondor. In the Neolithic, it was one of several points of Geranian immigration into the area; in the early Bronze Age, the main sites of the Proto-Aribelian culture were located around the eastern side of the Ílgarian Woods. During and after the conquests of Dárin, it became an important cultural boundary and a common place of conflict between the Olgs of Belkondíl and the Proto-Aribelians, Geranians, Geranian Olgs, and Kalparians. The Ilathw Campaign of 688/689 was a major engagement of the Geranian War.