Nishûnâc inscriptions

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The Nishûnâc inscriptions or Nishûnâc stone carvings are a large collection of writings inscribed in the walls of the catacombs at Nishûnâc, mostly religious and historical texts.


The caves and extended catacombs below the hill of Nishûnâc contain a large number of decorated chambers and presumed cult sites. The complex is adorned by stone carvings of animals and humans, many illustrating religious narratives, reliefs and statues of creatures, most prominently donkeys and horses, and a large number of stelae, tablets, and walls bearing writing. The inscriptions use the Old Besokian abugida and are almost entirely written in the Old Besokian language, except for the site’s oldest and most famous texts, the Besokian Cosmogony and the Old Besokian World Map, which are presumed to be written in Proto-Besokian. Consequently, the greater part of the inscriptions are dated to the Old Besokian period (c. 2200–1750 B.E.B.), but the oldest extant texts are considerably older, dating to up to 2900 B.E.B. in the case of the Besokian Cosmogony.