Why The Seligonian?

My name is Michael, the continent is called Elondor, and the Empire Lécaron, so you might be rightfully wondering (and since you are on this page, I suppose you are) why I chose to name this site The Seligonian. There are two reasons, actually, and both relate back to the territory of the same name.

Seligon is the south-eastern corner of Elondor, the first part of my world I created all the way back in 2013, and still the one I feel the most connected to and in which many of my stories are set. It is known for its ethnic and linguistic diversity and the harsh suppression of its native ways of life during the Imperial Era. Unlike in some other parts of Elondor, however, where Olgish culture and Soskish language were, not eagerly but ultimately quite thoroughly, accepted by the local population, the peoples of Seligon mostly retained their ethnic identities into the conflicts marking the end of Lécaron’s reign in the east, and for almost a century around the Empire’s retreat, Seligon was torn apart by the enmity of its nations not only towards the foreign invaders and their settlers left in the country but also towards each other. To call oneself a ‘Seligonian’ in this time, rather than to subscribe to one of the Seligonian tribes or nations, would have come equal to identifying as a ‘global citizen’ in our world today, and so it seemed, beyond my personal affiliation, a fitting name for the website meant to cover all of my known conworld.