I was 13 when I invented my first fictional language, just a small gimmick to ornament a novella I was going to write, hardly guessing where it would eventually lead me. Now, a decade and a linguistics degree later, the novella is long-abandoned, but the world I created for it still exists and so does the language in it, and at the time of writing about sixty others. With all this content created and scrapped, it felt about the right time to make it accessible and create both a public portfolio of my work as a writer and conlanger and a concise encyclopaedia for myself and anyone interested in my world and my writing.

The Seligonian is an, at the moment brief but as time passes on hopefully more and more comprehensive, introduction to my conworld, focussing on its main continent, Elondor, and its languages and cultures. The world is a world not unlike ours, with a sun and a moon, plants, animals, and humans (mostly?) like we know them. There might be gods, somewhere on a plane, not forgotten, but inaccessible to any mortal soul; and perhaps, but only perhaps, there is even some kind of magic.

Elondor (an Olgish name, one of many, meaning as much as ‘the boundaries of everything’) is only a small continent, its history much like that of the Old World on Earth following the Ice Ages. Crops are grown, animals domesticated; bronze is cast, gold and silver and finally also iron. Now—this ‘now’ being merely a writer’s whim of my creation—, it has reached what we in our world would call the Early Middle Ages, and (not quite unlike our world) this time is marked by the decline and the eventual collapse of a great, multi-ethnic polity, the Lécaronian Empire, which at its greatest extend has covered almost all of Elondor but is now on the brink of decay, inviting us into a world where little is as it seems, where languages long dead are reborn, where borders are moved and nations created—a world as will be sung of in the epics of generations to come.

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