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The (human) languages of Elondor belong to seven major families, the Ortûlékian, Besokian, Seligonian, Avalian, Andaro-Yenmic, Iliatarian, and the mysterious Volsic languages. With the Lécaronian conquests and the spread of Olgish culture, most local languages were suppressed, many into extinction (even if some, like Kalparian or Fenedic, saw a revival in their communities many centuries later), and replaced first by Olgish (an Ortûlékian language), but soon, and more thoroughly, by Lécaronian Soskish (Besokian), which due to its prevalence among the early colonial armies and settlers was widespread in all Olgish territories and eventually named the official imperial language in L. R. 539 by emperor Ésôrin the Wise.

Altogether, the languages I have constructed for Elondor (and a handful for its neighbouring continents) number 67 at the time of writing (I aim to keep this number updated, but no guarantees), including historical stages, cultural variants, and common and proto-languages (but not counting dialects). The level of detail I have lent to their construction varies from language to language, with some in early stages of development (such as the Celdic Dialects) consisting only of a small vocabulary and others (such as Middle Olgish or Classical Armundic) possessing a sizable lexicon and a grammar complete enough to allow for the composition of complex religious or historiographic texts (see also the Text Samples section).

The Languages of Elondor
The Ortûlékian LanguagesThe Besokian LanguagesThe Seligonian LanguagesThe Avalian Languages
The Andaro-Yenmic LanguagesThe Iliatarian LanguagesThe Volsic LanguagesIsolates, Non-Human Languages, and Others