Michael M. Goessler

Telling Stories in Words and Music

Hi there! If you found your way to this page, you probably already know one or two things about what I do. So let me fill in the gaps: My name is Michael, I am originally from Austria but (at the moment) live in Scotland, studying linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. At heart, I have always been a storyteller, and now I am a freelance writer, composer, and conlanger—I tell stories, sometimes using words and sometimes using music (and sometimes I get paid to make up a completely new language). Feel free to have a look around, browse through my current projects on Instagram, my latest compositions on YouTube, and dive into my conworld on The Seligonian. And if you are looking for a storyteller, whether you need a writer for your video game, a composer for your film, or a language for your novel, go ahead and get in touch—perhaps I can help you tell your story!


Writing &
Story Design

At the heart of every project, there is a story. And that story matters.

I started writing fiction the moment I knew (half) the alphabet, and I have never stopped since, gaining broad experience working in prose and poetry, for the page, the stage, and the screen. I love drawing character-focussed and meaningful narratives that engage and touch the reader (or viewer)—to be honest, I get a bit nervous if I haven’t been able to write for a while.

My heart belongs to tragicomedy and speculative fiction, but I am never shy to try my hands on a new genre. Likewise, while I have focussed on screenwriting in recent years, I have not given up work for the page, penning the occasional short story and keeping up work on my conworld—find updates on whatever project I am currently occupied with on Instagram, delve into The Seligonian to learn about my conworld (link over on the right to keep the page clean), or click below to find my screenplays and accolades!

Music &
Sound Design

Where words are the way to pass on hard facts, music can cut deeper and touch our emotions at their very base. It is the most direct way of speaking to the soul and at the same time a wonderful way of telling stories, perpetually on the edge between innovation and familiarity.

I have been composing since I was 14, always fascinated with film music. Like the great names in that tradition, I have tried to maintain the chameleon nature of the artisan who, while never giving up their style, manages to find the right voice for every assignment. I like to tip my toes into a different genre every now and then, writing for small and large orchestra and jazz band as well as electronic and experimental sounds.

As a freelance film and media composer, it is my goal to always find the right sound. Whether you need a classical symphony or a backing track for pan drum and gurgling water (yes I have written that)—I can help you find the sound of your project!

Conlanging &
World Design

Every story needs a space to live, breathe, and grow. And every storyteller needs a language to speak. Writing fantasy, I started creating my own conworld at age 13, and it is still growing (you can learn more about it on The Seligonian).

The years of experience working on this project have taught me about imagining nature and culture, maps of countries that don’t exist, the people that inhabit them, and, of course, the languages they speak. A member of the Language Creation Society and a student of linguistics, I have nearly 10 years of conlanging experience under my belt, creating over 60 fictional languages (give or take a few depending on how exactly you count) for both my conworld and paid assignments. No stranger to tabletop RPGs, my experience also extends into homebrewing and quest design.

Whether you just need a language or a whole living, breathing world (or anything in-between), I’m happy to help get it just write for the story you are telling!